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Video Poker Online – Try With No Deposit At

Video Poker Online - Try With No Deposit At
Real play
Real Play
  • • In general, the rules of 5-card poker are accepted for Video Poker.
  • • On the screen you are able to find the table with winning combinations and the payout information.
  • • Whenever anyone plans to bet, 5 cards are dealt to him out of the deck (standard one, 52 cards).
  • • At this very moment the poker player should decide whether to keep some cards or whether to ditch some cards.
  • • Winning combinations and the ones displayed in the table match.
  • • All rare combinations are paid out higher.
Play Free Poker Online at

One of the most popular arcade casino games is Video Poker. It is based on the original and famous game of 5 card draw poker and you can find this game at dedicated electronic consoles similar to slot machines. In addition, many software providers are creating online versions of this game so passionate players can enjoy it whenever and wherever.

Additional Info
  • • Poker, as we know it now, developed in the 16th century in Europe, but its main principles are of an ancient origin.
  • • Poker is famous and loved in all countries of the world.
  • • With the hand you are dealt, you have to collect a higher card combination to win the bet.
  • • While Poker is a game with a strong psychological background, gamers make each other leave the game.
  • • Gamblers should be responsible in order to keep the cards for themselves.
  • • The choice of Poker types is great: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7-Card Stud, 5-Card Draw, etc.

History of Video Poker

First video poker games were seen at casinos in 1970 when Dale Electronics introduced the first video poker machine called the Poker-Matic. By 1981, this arcade machine quickly became very famous in Las Vegas and from there on, video slot machines became a hit thanks to video poker.

Video poker arcade game is often found at Las Vegas casinos, where people tend to play it the most because of better odds offerings or lower denominations. Gamblers prefer video poker games because there is no need to socialize if you don’t feel like it (except with the casino waitresses) thus being much faster gambler. Also, since this is not a luck-only game, the odds of winning compared to regular slot machines are better.

Today, there are hundreds different types of video poker games and almost all of them can be played modern devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. What’s more interesting is that providers are designing these games to look as realistic as possible players love the idea of enjoying a traditional game without leaving their homes.

Rules of Video Poker games

When talking about Online Poker land-based machines, players must insert money into the machine or barcode tickets with credit. When you’re done, the round starts after tapping the “Deal” button. Then the player is dealt 5 cards and has the option to discard one or more of them in exchange for replacements from the same virtual deck.

If the hand matches one of the winning combinations listed in the pay table then the machine pays out the gambler. Poker players will receive their prizes depending on how rare is a dealt hand but also based on the game’s variation.

The minimum pay table starts with at least a pair of Jacks and then follows with:

  • • Two pair
  • • Three of a kind
  • • Straight (a sequence of 5 consecutive cards)
  • • Flush (any 5 cards of the same suit)
  • • Full house (1 pair + 3 of a kind)
  • • Four of a kind
  • • Straight flush (straight and flush combined starting from ten and ending with the ace)

When you play free Poker online, the rules are pretty much the same but instead of betting real money, you’ll only play with demo coins. Is actually great if you wish to improve your strategy and learn more about the game without dealing with the stress of losing your cash.

Final thoughts about Video Poker casino game

While other casino games rely mostly on good luck, this one needs a skilful player that knows how to use them in advantage. This is probably the main reason why everybody loves to play video poker games and, since this one is free of charge, was not miss the chance to try it!

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