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Bitcoin Casinos for Beginners – Everything That You Ever Wanted To Know

Bitcoin Casinos for Beginners

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as the bitcoin and are taking over not just the online gambling industry, but almost every aspect of today’s businesses because of two things: unprecedented privacy and validation. For online gambling that means playing anonymously with a currency that cannot be traced and taxed by no government, as well validation that casino’s games are 100% fair, meaning not manipulated by anyone or anything. And yes, no one has ever succeeded in hacking the blockchain, so in sense of safety is untouchable.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin draw their value from transactions. The more people use bitcoin the higher its value goes up. The blockchain doesn’t recognize any country, religion, banks, governments, or any authority so ever. It all comes to its users and how they use it. That and only determines its value.

Ordinary online casinos can’t offer those features. They require plenty of your data, deposits from standard processors, and you will need to trust their word when it comes to fairness. In the best case scenario, you will need to trust the objectivity of the organizations that do independent testing of Mobile Casinos. That is why so many standard online casinos are losing players on account of bitcoin online casinos.

Introduction to Online Bitcoin Gambling

It all starts with your bitcoin wallet. If you don’t have any bitcoins you can buy some from an exchange platform where you can use a standard currency to buy bitcoins. Next is find a BTC casino where you want to gamble. The transfer of bitcoins to the online casino is pretty straightforward – add the address of the BTC casino in your wallet and enter the sum you want to transfer. Once the blockchain validates the transfer you can play any game you like and win bitcoins that you can easily transfer back to your account.

Popular Games in Bitcoin Casinos

BTC casinos feature the same games as standard casinos. Some of the most popular games with the BTC casinos are Roulette (European and American version are the most popular ones), Bitcoin Poker, Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack, and of course the bitcoin slots.

Standard Vs Bitcoin Slots

The gameplay remains the same. However, with the bitcoins slots, each result is verified through a function called “provably fair gaming”. The provable fair gaming feature is based on the blockchain and uses special hash functions to make sure that every bet is as fair as suggested by the casino. There is no way for the casino to go around this function. Therefore, fairness is 100% guaranteed. That the most important difference between standard and bitcoin slots.

Top Reasons Why Bitcoin Slots Will Win the Day

Top Reasons Why Bitcoin Slots Will Win the Day

Bitcoin slots are shaking the gambling industry in its core. Those that will not adapt to it will simply be crushed by time as obsolete and insecure. Bitcoin slots are simply an evolution that is simply bound to happen. And from the look of things much sooner than some technology experts predicted.

Other than the guaranteed fair outcome for every slot game and complete anonymity, bitcoin slots offer:

  • • Nothing to zero transaction cost
  • • Zero human involvement in the process. Everything is verified by the blockchain.
  • • Nothing can be traced by you.
  • • Bitcoin cannot be taxed by any government as it doesn’t belong to them.
  • • Bitcoin casinos are open to all countries and territories.
  • • Governments, banks, and financial institutions cannot influence the value of bitcoin.
  • • Bitcoin is unhackable

Bitcoin Slot Machines

Bitcoin casinos feature hundreds of slots from some of the best casino games developers in the world. NetEnt, Bestsoft Gaming, Endorphina, Microgaming, are some of the few well-known developers that are turning their attention to bitcoin slots machines. Even though each player has its own preferences, there are some types of slots for which there is always a high interest:

  • • Three reel classics
  • • Video Slots
  • • Multi-line slots
  • • Progressive Jackpots
  • • Bonus Feature Slots