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Mahjong Online – Free Table Game At

Mahjong Online - Free Table Game At
Real play
Real Play
  • • 144 tiles are in Mahjong.
  • • As to the images on the tiles, you will be able to see: seasons, flowers, numbers.
  • • The gamer needs to match corresponding pairs of open tiles and dispose of them.
  • • The tiles under the others are hidden and you cannot see them.
  • • Every tile is able to turn up 4 times.
  • • In the event that no pairs are left, there is the end of Free Mahjong game.
  • • In case you click ‘Shuffle’, the round is restarted.
Play free Mahjong online at

Being mostly played in Asia at first, free Mahjong is slowly taking over the west as well due to the online version of this very interesting game. And there’s really no reason for this not to happen since it is a very complex and captivating game. It combines multiple disciplines like calculations or strategic thinking but in the end, it’s all about luck.

Additional Info
  • • Mahjong’s gameplay in the original version is for 4 players.
  • • You can meet this game under some of the following names: electronic or computerized Mahjong, Shanghai Solitaire, Solitaire Mahjong.
  • • Mahjong was invented by Brodie Lockard in 1981.
  • • Thanks to activision's release for Macintosh, Apple IIgs and the Amiga Computer, Mahjong got support in 1986.
  • • Ancient Mahjong is still misunderstood by the majority.

How to play Mahjong Solitaire

At a first look, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all the information you get when opening a Mahjong game. A lot of tiles spread on the screen, many different symbols and tiles make everything seem a bit chaotic at first. Do not panic though, with proper rules and explanation everything becomes easy to be understood.  Another big plus is you don’t have to make a deposit to play this free Mahjong game so you have plenty of time to experiment.

The main goal of free Mahjong is to clear the table of tiles by matching the symbols on them and creating pairs. There is a total of 144 tiles on the screen so 72 possible pairs and that’s quite a lot so prepare for a sustained effort in order to beat the game. In case you get stuck at some point, it is good to know that Mahjong tiles can be shuffled for a maximum number of 5 times. If after shuffling you are still not able to find a match, the game ends.

Free Mahjong design

Since the rules and mechanics of the game are pretty straight forward and direct, you can imagine that the game does not really need a complex design or flashy graphics. Many think that adding graphics and a too-modern design can actually ruin the game.  The things you see when opening a free Mahjong game are:

  • • The frame where tiles are displayed
  • • An Asian-themed background with interesting patterns
  • • The Shuffle button
  • • Optional – some of the free online Mahjong games also have a Hint button

Final words on free Mahjong 

If you’re a fan of classic games that really test your attention and patience, you should definitely try Mahjong right now. Indeed, it’s all about luck, however, with free Mahjong things are also influenced by how you play the game. The best part is that, like with everything else, you can gather experience and get better and better at Mahjong solitaire.  Start playing right now for free and become the Mahjong master.

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Publication date: 02.08.2017
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