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How to Earn Playing Baccarat for Real Money

To date, Baccarat confidently claims the title of the most popular game in the world. Very often it is played in online gambling establishments. It was in Baccarat (and not in poker, as in the relatively fresh remake of the film) that H2:James Bond played at the Royal Casino.

However, the game is shrouded in an atmosphere of mystery and even some inaccessibility. The players, who want to try their luck in Baccarat game, have quite a lot of questions that they simply cannot figure out. We will try to understand the key points and, perhaps, give some recommendations that will positively affect your gameplay.

How to Gamble Baccarat with Profit

How to Earn Playing Baccarat for Real Money

Baccarat online belongs to table games and is played with several decks of cards.

So, at the beginning of the game you need to make a choice of the bet. It can be the Player, the Banker (dealer) and / or the Tie. When the bet is made, two cards are opened in the player’s field and the bank from the deck. The goal is to score nine points or as close as possible to that amount. Points are calculated as follows: cards from deuce to nine – at face value, ace – one point, tens and “pictures” – zero. If the total is 10 points or more, 10 is deducted from the amount. Thus, 7 and the jack will give 7 points, and 6 and 7 will give 6 + 7 = 13-10 = 3 points. If a player or dealer has 8 or 9 points from two cards, then the game ends, the one who has more (the tie is also possible) wins. If 8 or 9 points are not scored, then the player buys a third card when he has 0-5 points. After that, the dealer can also buy the third card, his strategy is more complicated and depends on the player’s points.

After this, the player’s and the banker’s points are considered and compared, and the one who has more wins in online Baccarat. The bet on the Player in case of his victory is paid 1 to 1 (the remaining bets are lost), the bet on the Banker in case of his victory is 1 to 1 minus 5% of the commission. If the number of points is equal, then a tie is announced, the bets on the Player and the Dealer are returned, the bet on the Tie is paid 8 to 1.

Since the player does not make decisions during the game (everything is done automatically), then there cannot be any optimal strategy. Accordingly, the player can only choose the optimal bet. This is the bet on the Banker, which gives the casino a 1.06% advantage, while the bets on the Player has 1.24% and on the Tie 14.4%.

How to Make Side Bets

To make a variety in the gameplay and attract more customers to Baccarat casino, developers of software for Internet gambling come up with various types of side bets in this game. They are placed on an additional field, they operate regardless of the basic bets and are paid according to different rules.

What are the side bets and how to benefit with them?

Big and Small Bets

Big and Small Bets is most often offered in Baccarat in the Internet casino from the developer of gambling software Playtech. The Small bet will be paid if the dealer and player have 4 cards, Big bet wins a confident victory if the dealer and the player have 5 or 6 cards.

Perfect Pair Bet

Perfect Pair Bet is also often found in virtual casinos operating on Playtech software. It will be paid if the first pair of cards have cards of the same suit and one denomination in any position.

Either Pair Bet

A very interesting Either Pair Bet is also offered by Playtech platform. It will be paid if any pair is formed in 2 cards of the player or banker. Player/Banker Pair Bets- the first two cards received by the Player/Banker have the same numerical value (for example, ace of clubs and ace of hearts).In any online casino offering side bets you will find the paytable with odds for them. You can even play baccarat only with side bets if you like them more.

How to Find a Good Baccarat Site

When choosing an online casino, there are some main factors that you need to consider.

  • The license. It is desirable that it is European. The countries of the European Union make the most stringent requirements for gambling business, while ensuring the protection of players’ rights (for example, the association EGBA).
  • Audit control. On their official resources, auditors should publish a general report on payments for a particular casino (for example, eCogra, GLI Payout Calculation, etc.).
  • Belonging to a well-known brand and popularity. The more known this or that online casino is, the higher the influx of players in it is, and the bigger the bank it has. So, the opportunities will be higher, the same as the percentage of payments, the quality of games, compliance with the current level and other characteristics.

Also of great importance are the following features:

  • Support for a convenient currency for you. This is a desirable, but not a necessary aspect in choosing a casino. After all, currencies are automatically converted when depositing, but not all of this exchange can suit.
  • Support for an acceptable method of payment.
  • Bonus conditions. First of all, you should beware of automatic bonus charging. Online casino should withdraw the money from the account at your first request.
  • Stable round-the-clock work of support. For each client it is very important that he can rely on competent assistance at any time.
  • A wide range of betting limits.

5 Tips on How to Improve you Baccarat Game

Learn the Rules and Get some Practice

Even if you think that you know how to play baccarat but haven’t tried to do this, it is necessary to practice the game for free before playing for real money.

Do not Bet on the Tie

In every game of any casino you can calculate a bet that is obviously losing. In order to attract the attention of players to it, it is usually promised for a good payout in case of a victory. When playing baccarat, this bet is for the Tie, so it’s worth avoiding it no matter how tempting the prize seems. The fact is that it has the maximum house edge of 7 – 14%.

Manage the Deposit rationally

Unmistakable control of your monetary balance is the key to success in any gambling. Do not use all available money at once, so as not to lose everything if luck fails. You need to allocate some of the money, and play only within it. Determined with the size of the bank, it remains only to calculate the optimal size of the bet, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

Forget about Betting Systems

Does it make sense to bet on various schemes, assuming guaranteed winnings, or at least, the return of money lost? A vivid example of such a scheme is the Martingale system. Experienced players know that this system, like its counterparts, is ineffective. The probability of success when playing baccarat is not constant, the result always depends only on luck. It is possible a situation in which a series of losing hands will draw out all the money from the wallet.

Card Counting will not Work

As in blackjack, card counting will work only in offline casinos, where dealers remove the won cards in the shoes. And since the random number generator constantly shuffles all the cards, in this case, the entire deck takes part in each of the draws and, accordingly, it does not make sense to count the cards.

Some other Kinds of Baccarat

Speaking of varieties of baccarat, we can say that there are quite a lot of different versions of the game, but they are not all the different from each other.

Mini baccarat

Mini Baccarat is a simplified version of the common American baccarat, where the game uses decks of fifty-two cards, which are distributed by the dealer. On the game table, before each player there are fields for bets on the Player, on the Banker and on the Tie. The size of the game table is much smaller than in other types of baccarat. All the cards that come out of the game fit into a special bump.

It is worth noting that the mini baccarat differs from other types of this game by its democratic character, as the betting limits are quite low. The basic rule of the mini baccarat game is that you just need to place a bet, all the other actions in the game will be performed by the dealer himself, so even a beginner in the game will not make any special mistakes.

Live Baccara

To restore interest in Baccarat, a game was created with the participation of a live dealer. As in a real institution, dealers are distributing cards in front of the players. Although the opportunity to communicate with other players remained limited, the overall atmosphere of the game began to gradually reborn.

To date, virtual sites offer visitors a classic version of Baccarat, a version of Punto Banco or mini baccarat. As a rule, with a bet on the Banker, a commission of 5% is withdrawn from the user’s winnings. Since the Internet provides more opportunities for innovation, modern sites offer users all kinds of new variations of baccarat that cannot be found in real institutions.

If you have already tried to play Baccarat online, you definitely should try to play in an online casino with live dealers. You will get real pleasure from the game, and play in the presence of other, albeit virtual clients, is much more interesting.

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