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Craps Online - Play With No Registration!
Real play
Real Play
  • • Payouts and bets are put beforehand.
  • • You are to take turns with other participants in rolling the dice. The person, who throws the dice, is the ‘shooter’.
  • • The variety of options you can make bets on is great. It is only necessary to place the chips on the appropriate parts of the playing field.
  • • If you are a shooter, you are obliged to bet just on the ‘Pass’ line or ‘Don’t Pass’ line.
  • • There are two phases ‘come-out’ and ‘point’ in the 2 major round of the game.
  • • Just an example that a come-out roll of 2, 3 or 12 is named ‘craps’.
  • • 7 or 11 is known as ‘natural’.
  • • Pass Line always wins.
  • • The numbers that are important for the shooter are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10.
  • • The shooter stops gets the ‘point’ – to ‘pass’ or ‘win’ when he lands on any of these numbers.
  • • Just when the Don’t Pass line wins the Pass line losses and vice versa. Notwithstanding this, there is an exception- the come-out roll.
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Craps casino game is one of the most popular gambling games of all times. Whenever you step in a land-based casino, the most entertaining and crowded table is the Craps table. Players are noisy, they do “good luck” dances, and scream each time their number comes up. But when it comes to understanding the rules, you might have a hard time at first.

Additional Info
  • • Everyone will agree that craps tables are an obligatory element of the vast majority of offline casinos and they are among the most popular entertainments. You can surely be among its fans too, especially when you hear the cheers, screams and shouts.
  • • Have you ever noticed how loud the slot machines gamblers are? Nevertheless, the atmosphere of excitement present at craps table will attract you even more.
  • • Gaming craps online allows to wage on whatever you want: a pair of dice, a series of rolls, the roll.
  • • Craps’ origin is of a rather complicated nature, but there are evidences that lead to the time of the Crusades.
  • • It is not a problem to play craps on various online gambling portals listed here.

History of Craps game

This game has an interesting history that goes back to 1125 AD. It seems that Sir William of Tyre is the inventor of the Craps casino game and he created it during the Crusades. His troops found a castle that was named Hazarth and while conquering it, they would relax with a dice game that they named after the castle. Hazard is the very first name of Craps.

There is also some evidence that this game could have originated in the Roman empire. The information isn’t that clear and we can only assume that one of these versions is real. Although its origins aren’t certain, in the 1700s, the game reached the French colony of Acadia by crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

In 1843, Americans renamed the game using different terms such as crapsgame, crapstable, creps, or crebs. Due to its spectacular gameplay, it quickly became popular and it spread all across the globe.

Rules of Craps casino game

The game unravels on a table that is marked with different symbols, each suggesting a different action. The “Pass” line is present all around the table and it is used by bettors on the shooter’s side. The area between the stickman and the boxman is dedicated to one-roll bets and the person rolling the dice is called the shooter. Their bet must be worth the table minimum on the don’t pass line or the pass line.

Another important thing you need to master if you wish to become a professional Craps player is the lingo used for this game. Here are a few essential things you must know:

  • • Craps – 2, 3, 12
  • • Snake Eyes – two 1s
  • • Boxcars – two 6s
  • • Yo – 11
  • • Little Joe – 4
  • • Jimmy Hicks – 6
  • • Skinny Dugan – a losing 7
  • • Puppy Paws – two 5s
  • • Natural Winner – 7 or 11

Unlike other table games, this one manages to bring the superstitious side out in the players. It’s quite amusing to see grown-ups doing weird moves and shouting incantations while rolling the dice. The question is, are these guys doing the same when they’re playing online Craps? That would be hilarious to watch!

If you wish to play Craps online, you should know that the rules are exactly the same. Since software providers are working hard to deliver premium games, the entire experience will feel incredibly realistic. More so, you might even have better results without all the loud noises and yelling.

Summary of Craps game

Don’t get discouraged by all these complicated rules and, before you start betting real money, try this free game without any sign-up or download. This is a perfect opportunity to learn and master Craps!

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